About the Process

Limited Edition Hand Cut Paper Stencil Screen Prints By Ricardo Roig
These original, fine works of art are made from paper stencils by cutting shapes out of paper with an exact-o knife and then using a squeegee to push the mixed acrylic inks through these openings when it is attached to a screen. The porous screen allows the ink to travel through the cut-openings thereby creating a very sharp-edged graphic effect for this unique printmaking technique. Each color is a different stencil that is layered upon one another as the puzzle is pieced together and the image is formed. The print becomes a culmination of color shapes built upon these relationships. In celebration of the heroes of Japanese woodblock prints and a furthering of the torch in new innovative approaches to the printed image, these works promote a renewed sense of beauty juxtaposed with masterful technique. Each piece is made by hand, signed and dated by Ricardo.

About the artist

Ricardo is a 34-year-old professional fine artist from Hoboken, NJ who maintains an art studio where he creates and a separate art gallery where he exhibits his work. Recently Roig opened a new showroom with interior Designer Jenny Madden in the W Hotel Hoboken, 225 River Street. Here at Roig Collection, Ricardo can meet his collectors in a comfortable and convenient location while adding color to the neighborhood giving the public something new to see everyday. 


Artist Statement

“Art is my refuge. It’s how I can slow down time in our overly stimulated and fast paced modern world. Drawing with my exact-o knife to cut out paper stencils gives permanence to the moment. Cutting out these individual shapes of color allows me a sort of peaceful meditation and I am able to escape into a world of vivid color and abstracted shapes. In this imaginative mind state I can explore and channel my own aesthetic. Although my unique art process is therapeutic for my mind it is also challenges me physically. Using my body as a kind of machine to draw, cut, tape, screen print and apply each color layer is a rewarding daily practice. It’s fulfilling to know that everything I make is handmade from start to finish. Squeegeeing each layer allows to simultaneously apply the same rich saturated color throughout the piece unlike painting, where the color needs to be recharged with every brushstroke. Although I have a vision and a plan for each limited edition of hand cut screen prints, I don’t necessarily know how it will look until it is completed. In every stage of the process I take breaks to look, critique, discover and make the best choice for the next stencil of color shapes. It is this conversation where the piece takes form. I start to listen to what it is asking for and what it needs to become Art. I work tirelessly in this labor intensive process because I am always renewed with energy at every layer and know that in the end I will be creating something new for the world- offering people something different and inspirational to see and enjoy.”   -Ricardo Roig, 2018

Curriculum Vitae   

Ricardo Gesualdo Roig
Born 1983 New York, New York USA
Lives and works in Hoboken, NJ 


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2004 Maryland Institute College of Art Baltimore, MD                        
2008 Kean University, B.A. in Fine Arts Union, NJ                                                              
2010 Kean University, Teacher Certification K-12 Union, NJ